Total Work Out Gym

HIDE'S KICK is the total workout gym owned by HIDE MIYOSHI who coaches K1 fighters and mix martial arts fighters.
The gym was opened on Apr.2007.


Birth: 20th Sep. 1975
Star sign : Virgo
ranked high in the National Athletic Competition and wrestling interscholastic athletic competition.

HIDE MIYOSHI is certified nutritionist, trainer, and provides not only with exercise advise but nutrition plan for athletes.
He had 2 victories(1 KO) and 2 defeat with professional kickboxing.
He was a trainer for famous fighters including KOHIRUIMAKI, HORI (K-1) and Hideo Tokoro(ZST).
He coached TAKUMI who was made champion in the USA KOTC lightweight division.
He has a very good reputation and considerable experience in coaching combat sports.

HIDE'S KICK integrates all kinds of hot combat sports and exercises including kickboxing,Jiu jitsu,Mix martial arts, Wrestling,Taekqondo,andYoga. We are currently seeking members from beginners to advanced level players. Players and athletes who who want to start a combat sports or to practice as a professional.

Our staff is open for inquiries and we provide free trial lesson. Everyone is welcome !!
Do not hesitate to come and check the lesson.