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Foto Pineapple Pineapple, 60g $1.50 add
Foto Pineapple Pineapple, 60g $1.50 add

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Foto Pineapple Pineapple, 60g $1.50 add
Foto Mushrooms Mushrooms, 110g $0.45 add
Foto Spinach Spinach, 35g $2.20 add
Foto Olives Olives, 80g $1.00 add
Foto Hot Chillies Hot Chillies, 10g $1.15 add
Foto Tiger Shrimps Black tiger shrimps, 90g $1.05 add
Foto Onions Onions, 50g $0.30 add
Foto Chicken Chicken, 100g $3.60 add
Foto Broccoli Broccoli, 70g $1.50 add
Foto Salami Mushrooms, 95g $2.70 add
Foto Aubergines Aubergines, 150g $1.45 add
Foto Peppers Peppers, 120g $0.80 add
Foto Egg Egg, 30g $0.25 add
Foto Garlic Garlic, 10g $0.05 add
Foto Sweet corn Sweet corn, 60g $0.60 add
Foto Bacon Bacon, 55g $2.85 add
Foto Ham Ham, 65g $2.05 add
Foto Seafood Seafood, 130g $4.60 add
Foto Tuna Tuna, 90g $0.60 add
Foto Artichokes Artichokes, 75g $1.90 add

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Mozzarella x
Pineapple x
Mushrooms x
Chicken x
Peppers x
Garlic x
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Ham x
PIZZA SIZE: Medium 12’’ $8.00
Order Total $20.95
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    Moorish Lamb

    Size: Large
    1 x $19.00
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    Vegetarian Supreme

    Size: Jumbo
    1 x $34.00
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    Spiced Pumpkin

    Size: Small
    1 x $26.00
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